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Postured designing a custom ergonomic workstation

Our products revolutionizehealth and productivity.

We have extensive experience in industrial trades, construction, and assembly making us more than a consulting company.

Design and Build Workshop

We build solutions to ergonomic opportunities.

We have the tools and experience to design and build ergonomic solutions at a cost-effective price while maintaining the highest quality in the industry

1. Opportunity

Our team will work closely with your team to assess opportunities in the current work environment.

2. Design

We have the tools and experience to design out the risk of injuries with physical products.

3. Build

We build solutions that are industry-leading and have won multiple ergonomic awards.

4. Solution

The physical product is only one part of our solution. Our products include training, manuals, support, and more.
Postured demonstrating Raytheon custom-built workstation prototype

Watch our process in action

Postured and Raytheon partnered to build and design an industrial work station that saved hours of work and migrated health risks.

Use Cases

The use cases for our products are truly unlimited. From residential sit-stand tables and garage workstations to industrial fork-lift workstations and mobile carts, we have a product solution for every ergonomic opportunity.

  • Rotating Workstation & Cart

    Rotating Workstation & Cart

  • NSF Certified Medical Sit-Stand Workstation

    NSF Certified Medical Sit-Stand Workstation

Verified Dealer of

LINAK® and more Ergonomic Components

We are a verified dealer of LINAK®, Humanscale®, Microsoft®, and other industry leaders for actuators and technical ergonomic products. We are proud partners with Bellama Custom Metal Fabricators™ to craft our beautiful stainless-steel tabletops. We source our hardwood materials locally here in Southern California. We do not use any components from unverified suppliers.

We offer a wide range of ergonomic components from residential to commercial. From monitor arms to LINAK® actuators to customized Humanscale® keyboard trays, we've got your back.

The Postured® Difference

We build products and relationships with you and your team. While we offer a wide range of ergonomic components, we also offer our expertise and years of experience to ensure you are getting the best fit for your need.


Our pricing model is extremely competitive but has a wide range of variables depending on your needs. Please, send us a message or reach out directly below and we'll give you a free estimate on any product, service, or component.